2023 FALL Junior Mock Job Interview

To Students: 學生注意事項:

What you need to do: Be punctual and observant! Go with two copies of your one-page resume to the assigned classroom before 8:30. 面試當天,請同學自備Resume(一頁)及Job description電子檔及二份紙本。電子檔於20:30前,先放置於教室電腦桌面;輪到你面試時,將兩份紙本分別交給該教室老師及面試官。


a. Dress properly. 請著正式服裝。

b. Be quiet and observant when the other interviews take place; 面試時侃侃而談,面試後請安靜,尊重其他人權益!

c. On the day of interview, observe all the interviews and fill out the Peer Response Sheet (B). The day you are interviewed, you should fill out the Observation Sheet (A). (Observation Order: e.g. every interviewee observes the next interviewer, and the last one observes the first one)

  在面試當天要填面試觀察表A (面試當天,觀察對象由任課老師安排;或是觀察在你之後的一個。若你是最後一個,你的觀察對象就是第一位面試者。) 其他觀眾應觀察所有面試者,並填寫表B

The observation sheet can be downloaded from our Dept. official website On 11/6, the teachers will give you a hard copy of the observation form and peer response sheet, and you bring the same set of student response sheets with you on 11/6 to the room you go to. You can take notes with that one, and then type your responses and submit it to your own teacher on 11/13. The electronic file (PDF/word) is needed to be sent to upload it with clear description. (                                         ) (檔名:Section A(or B,C) Chinese name _Students ID)

May this interview activity turn out to be a very good learning experience for you!


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