Research Paper: Student Evaluation Sheet

Research Paper: Student Evaluation Sheet

Please see the attachment and answer following questions

Overview: What did you find most interesting about the report? What did you learn? What is the report’s greatest strength and greatest weakness?

Thesis: What is the thesis statement? Does the report pursue this thesis or does it get distracted by some other thesis? Are the topic sentences of paragraphs related to the thesis?

Organization: Identify the organizing principle of the outline (chronological, cause and effect, process, inductive or deductive logic, some combination of the above, or some other style of organization). Does the report follow through with the organization of the outline? Does the outline conform to MLA or APA style? Are there any points you think the report should have covered, but did not?

Research & Documentation: Does the research seem adequate to support the thesis? Did the author make good use of library database resources? Are the sources clearly and effectively documented in the report to avoid plagiarism? Does the list of works cited contain at least five sources? Are there at least two different kinds of sources (e.g., book, magazine article, journal article, newspaper article, interview, etc.)? Does the report, including the list of works cited, conform to MLA or APA style?

Basics: Is the report itself (excluding outline, works cited, illustrations and diagrams) at least six pages long? Are the grammar and usage correct? If not, indicate the kinds of problems (e.g., verb tense, subject-verb agreement, sentence fragments, parallel structure, etc.).

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Evaluators are quired to give comments to their own presenters and upload it by June 21.

Teacher’s feedback. Please check the attachments.


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