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英文三甲 林康偉  Feasibility Analysis of Bilingual Teaching in Junior High School Geography Courses in Taiwan
英文四甲 廖筱姍 The Feminine dilemma in Chopin’s The Story of an Hour and Lessing’s “To Room Nineteen”
英文四甲 何孟軒 Feminism in Magaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale
英文三乙 廖靜嵐 Ways to Establish Efficient Food Sharing Systems to Help Impoverished People in Taiwan
英文四乙 高櫻潔 The Impact of Pets on Human Health
英文四乙 蔡恩慈 The Impact of the Internet on the Newspaper Industry
英文四乙 韓昀珈 Identification & Homosexuality in Call Me by Your Name
英文三甲 陳庭妤 Why do people of the same generation have different qualities
英文三甲 謝彤昀 Social Media and Fears of Missing Out
英文三乙 鄭婷方 King Lear-Killed by Conceit and Vanity
英文三乙 張淯騥 The Influence of Hip Hop Culture in Taiwan
英文三乙 李若綺 Differences Between Marriage &Education in Pride and Prejudice &The Yellow Wallpaper Final Revise
英文三乙 黃妍甄 Exploring the Stray Dog Issues in Taiwan
英文四甲 賴霈 An Analysis on the Oedipus Complex of Arthur Fleck in Joker



The Relationship Between Consumption Behavior and Health Consciousness and......
英文四甲 陳映蓉 New Religious Movements in Taiwan Miao Chan Rulai as an Example
英文四甲 鍾權宇  
英文四甲 周妤婷 Reasons and Conditions for Different Age Groups to choose Low Cost Carrier or Traditional Airline
英文四甲 陳玟甄 The Pros and Cons of Manufactured Cat Food and Natural Cat Food
英文四乙 李崇明 Consumers’ Willingness of Subscribing Streaming Video Services
英文四乙 周欣儒 The Dating App—Tinder’s Negative Effects on College Students
英文三甲 蔡曜 The dilemma of rural education-the relationship between teacher and student
英文三甲 陳宗璟 Sharing Economy in Taiwan
英文三甲 柯聿庭 Will E-Books Replace or Increase in Value to Print Books
英文三甲 廖恩亞 Versions of “Just a Dream” Remixing, Covering or Plagiarizing
英文三乙 黃育潔 Is Learning English Helpful for Kindergarten Children
英文三乙 陳冠碧  
英文四甲 李雁容 Taiwanese Air Transportation Pilot Manpower Market
英文三甲 曾璽宇 Colors in The Great Gatsby
英文四乙 楊筑甯 Grammar Teaching in Second Language Classrooms
英文四乙 謝欣妤 The Rise of Women's Society Status through the Works of Virginia Woolf
英文四乙 林珈羽 Korean Pop Culture
英文四甲 陳芊卉 Should Modern Zoo Exist
英文四甲 施宥榆 Effect of Luxury Brand Image on Purchase Intention
英文四乙 黃明姿 The Impact of Watching Cartoon on Children’s Behaviors
英文四乙 陳乃榕 Success Factors of Classic TV Show-Friends from Experience Marketing Perspective
英文四乙 陳逸謙 The Reseach of Purchase Intention on Beverage Shop
英文四乙 許長霖 Smartphone Application and Students Literacy Skill
英文三甲 陳中楚 The Impacts of Using Smartphones in Schools
英文三甲 廖乃萱 Online dating affect teenager's vision of love
英文三甲 彭 湃 The Sacrifices Behind the Economic Growth of E-Industries
英文三乙 簡吟安 The Efficiency of Learning a Second Language by Young Learners
How Disney Villains Characters Affect Females’ Stereotypes and Expectations
英文四甲 林淵培 Direct Hiring Does Not Work in Taiwan
英文四甲 蔡雅茜 Family Communication Affects One's Communication Skills From Childhood in Taiwan
英文四甲 顏妤倢 The Case of Stray Dogs in Taiwan
英文四甲 陳筱其 Walking in the Forest Can Decrease Stress Level
英文四甲 劉建宏 Violent Movies Do Not Make Adolescents Aggressive
英文四甲 黃可晴 The Health Issues Behind of Living in a Vegetarian Lifestyle
英文四甲 呂明俐 The Benefits of Listening to Music While College Students Study
英文四甲 陳冠翰 Excessive in Food and Drinks Is Poisoning Taiwanese
英文四乙 王 彤 Predicting Success Factors of Taiwan's Horror Movies from 2015 to 2019
英文四乙 張家鳳 Southeast Asian Mothers Should Teach Their Children Their Native Tongue
英文四乙 徐子涵 Is Euthanasia the best way to control Taiwanese stray dogs
英文三甲 謝依蓉 Malaqtainga should be passed down to the bunun in taiwan
英文三甲 劉巧育 Social Media Becomes The Main Source of News in Taiwan
英文三甲 張履平 E-learning is more Effective than Traditional Learning
英文三甲 張雨潔 Avoidant Personality Disorder(APD)-The Main Cause of Childhood Emotional Neglect
英文三乙 葉郁婕 Plastic Bags Should Be Eliminated in Taiwan
英文三乙 曾璸學 Taipei College Students Using Smartphones Negative Influence on Interpersonal Relationships